Doing the right thing.

I will use my knowledge for Eco-Energy technologies R&D, this contribution really matters to me!

I studied the worldwide first engineering program "Eco-Energy" at Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, Campus Wels.

It's the best way to get the big picture about:
  • renewable energy sources
  • power engineering
  • sustainability
  • systemic thinking
  • energy efficiency
... and much more to lead us in the right direction!

An abstract of Eco-Energy projects I finished - most of them in teamwork:
  • full heat insulation of our house
  • sun/shadow study for the longterm solar cell experiment on the roof of my university*
  • dimensioning a pumped-storage power plant to stabilize the unsteady wind power generation*
  • R&D for CIS solar cells in cooperation with Tallinn university
  • systemic analysis of CO2 emission caused by diet*
  • various solar power projects during work at TiSUN

*presentations of these projects can be found here

Check out this time lapse video I filmed in 2011, where the two “Solarmaschts” mount a complete solar thermal system in Austria/Söll: