speedEDIT: Kellerbau Zeitraffer / basement building time lapse - McGyver theme

speedEDIT: Kellerbau Zeitraffer / basement building time lapse - McGyver theme from solarthermienator on Vimeo.

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planing & building a low-energy house

goal: building a low-energy house during one year, including preparation and planing
location: Bad Häring, Tirol
construction: wood frame walls, prefab home 

after a lot of planning and formalities, finally the start
drainage layer
placing of the concrete basement
our VW workers hut
prefab walls assembly
2° flat roof with EPDM cover
floor screed done
hydraulic installations, woodgas heater and solarthermal system preparation with 4000L storage tanks
Rigips plastering madness  

done :)

Mounting airproof blind/shutter cranks - Luftdichte Raffstorekurbeln

Check out my fresh new manual. This has possibly never been done before this way. :)
Feel free to use it for your own house, the instructions are also suitable for retrofitting.


my Diploma Thesis: Remote-Monitoring and -Maintenance of Pumped Solar Thermal Systems

Pasted Graphic

Pasted Graphic 1

Pasted Graphic 2

Pasted Graphic 3

Pasted Graphic 4

EN ABSTRACT (the work is written in german!)

The present work deals with the remote-monitoring and -maintenance of pumped
solar thermal systems and was created in cooperation with TiSUN GmbH. Main
motivation is the problem that a failure or shortfall of a solar system is often not
noticed by the operator. The reason for this is the existing backup heater, which
takes over the water heating mostly automatically.

To keep the effort and additional costs for remote-monitoring and maintenance within
reasonable limits, the existing measurement- and control-technology of the solar
system has to be used. Therefore the status quo of customary temperature-, flow-,
pressure- and irradiation-sensors in solar systems is described. The solar controller
is the central gateway for sensor inputs, the operating data recording and
transmission of data to an external display. For remote maintenance, access to the
settings of the solar controller is required.

As a practical reference, three on the market available solar controllers are examined
regarding their suitability for remote-monitoring and -maintenance. It turns out that
the subject can be solved very differently: from simple data acquisition and
transmission with memory cards, via additional modules with web servers and
network connectivity, up to the data transfer to external web server or digital picture
W-LAN frames.

Furthermore the data analysis of solar systems for fault detection, control and
function optimization is outlined. Not all influencing factors are recorded digitally,
however it is shown that for only a few temperature profiles are enough for a rough
functional description of a plant. Finally an outlook on future developments of the
relatively new solutions for remote-monitoring and -maintenance of solar thermal
systems is given.

Inside Job

Just watched "Inside Job" with Conny - what a great movie, my favorite part just in the end:

" Why should a financial engineer be payed 4 to 100 times more than a real engineer? A real engineer builds bridges, a financial engineer builds dreams. And if those dreams turn out to be nightmares, other people have to pay for it. "

To hell with those damn jobs, which do nothing for society and destroy the planet.
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Check out the www.zeitsparwerk.org 2010 annual report!


winter helmetCAM triology: Winterbiking, Snowkiting, CarWakeBoarding

A friend borrowed me his HD helmetCAM for a week, check out what I do in winter:

Winterbike to work: Söll 2011 helmetCAM HD from solarthermienator on Vimeo.

Snowkiten @ Kitearena 2011 - helmetCAM HD from solarthermienator on Vimeo.

Winter CarWakeBoarding 2011 - helmetCAM HD from solarthermienator on Vimeo.

life is great :)

Diplomarbeit: Fernüberwachung und - wartung thermischer Solaranlagen

will post my diploma thesis here soon - as free PDF for the world !

EcoEnergy engineering studies DONE, welcome: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Martin Meingassner !

Cool, I'm so happy:

FH-Wels Logo

my OET semester on the FH-Wels main stairway:
Gruppenfoto OET 2009

... would never like to miss this time in my life!
Thanks to all people who made this possible. And one special thank to Beate, who does a really great job in the OET department!

Photovoltaics balcony system planning

Check out this draft render I did for my dad to motivate him for a photovoltaic system on his balcony:

Building integrated photovoltaics, beautiful!
Foto Haus mit PV Entwurf2
check out the GIPV project reports here:

South facing: OK
Süd-Ausrichtung Haus Häring
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