Zeitsparwerk - hackerspace to boost the DIY(do-it-yourself) culture

I'm now a proud member of the club "Zeitsparwek" in Wörgl.
The idea behind is simple: Everybody who likes to do handyman's work and be creative has some great tools lying around at home and some small place to follow his passion (alone). ALONE is not fun enough - so why not build up a community with the same spirit, share the experiences and tools. So we rented a 130sqm hall in the center of Wörgl and began to fill it with tools, furniture, people and life. Feel free to pass by and have a look what we are doing there, on weekends there are always some members in the club, following their passion:


update: the 2010-report of will be online soon! expect it to be unexpected :)


Himmelfahrtskommando 2009 - Cassis Calanques!

The 4th Himmelfahrtskommando is done!

The title Himmelfahrtskommando has resulted from the puplic holiday called "Christi Himmelfahrt". Each year around this date I go with friends on an action trip, where we focus on mountain biking and rock climbing. We prefer to camp in tents and look for beautiful locations, which fit our special needs.

This year we chose South France => Cassis => Calanques and stayed there for a full week.

I don't want to describe the incredible week we had with just plain words. Turn up our speakers and enjoy this video:

Himmelfahrtskommando 2009 - Cassis Calanques from solarthermienator on Vimeo.

Feel free to write a comment if you need some tips for a similar trip to the Calanques!

Working semester at TiSUN GmbH

Studying "Eco-Energy Engineering" at FH-Wels also includes a semester of full time working. I did it at TiSUN GmbH in Tirol, where I had build up a good reputation when working there in my study free time.
This guaranteed a fast start with all the collages I already knew in the company and interesting, advanced projects.

Down there you find the report I did of my working semester.

It's written in german, a google translated english version can be found here. Otherwise you might be disturbed by the heavy usage of the word "Die" - which simply means "the" in german. :-)

(click to view the pdf)

Interesting work, good money and the feeling of doing the right thing !

That's it,

Solar Wind Surfing

Solar Wind Surfing, originally uploaded by Bemep.

What a great photo!

So inspiring - I had to blog it:

"Sun, Wind and Water ... isn't that all we need for our energy-future?"


Understanding Peak Oil

It's time to understand "Peak Oil" for everybody. This video is very well done and describes the situation clearest:

The other parts:

Part 2 of 8
Part 3 of 8
Part 4 of 8
Part 5 of 8
Part 6 of 8
Part 7 of 8
Part 8 of 8

Each one it about 10 min.

Be sure not to miss this knowledge, it will influence our further decisions in a positive way and at least you won't run blind into the future.

The economic crisis maybe slowed down the oil consumption a bit, but don't under-expect the daily increase of oil demand in China and India ...

More information can be found easily here.

Act now!

Migirora[ESP] rocked Tirol!

This year the week with new years eve in between has been really special. Thanks to the visit of Miquel and Aurora. He is a good friend of mine from our abroad semester in Sweden, where we did a lot of rock climbing and other outdoor stuff together.

In summer I went to Alicante for a week and it was just great to experience the country with a real local. Of course I wanted to organize a similar cool week as Miquel did for me, so check out some pictures of things we did in the last week:

Has been such a great time! I wish everybody to get friends from abroad, the intercultural exchange is so exiting and beeing a touriste-guide for your surrounding sights makes them so much more interesting.

cu again and enjoy 2009!

Martin & Conny
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solarthermienator @skiwelt top100

Ein denkwürdiger Tag für die (ski)Welt:

solarthermienator übernimmt den ersten Platz der skiwelt top100 mit einem 20.728 Höhenmeter ride am Samstag den 13.12.2008

skiline.cc Tagesauswertung

GPS Höhenprofil

GPS Track in Google Earth

Das Beste kommt zum Schluss ... ich bin ein SNOWBOARDER = Schalltafelfahrer:

me@Hochsöll vor der finalen Abfahrt

yeeeeeah !!!

Freu mich schon auf eure Kommentare. :-) ---->
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McFinnen and Wallace in cinema

For almost two years friends of mine produced their second western in Austria/Tyrol. I've been at the premiere in Innsbruck and experienced a really great movie!

Check out their website and don't miss the gallery and trailer:

There will be also a DVD available soon with subtitles in many different languages. The website is in german, but just click the google translation.

Hacker fact beside:
The open source linux tool "Open Movie Editor" has been used to cut "McFinnen and Wallace". It's a big project of Richard Spindler, a rock climbing mate of mine. Get on his website and support him(a motivation-Email is enough), the world needs guys like him:

Thanks for your great work, I'm looking forward to be part and support your next movie!

Martin / solarthermienator
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solarthermienator goes flickr!

Took me a lot of time to pick out the best digital photos I took during the last 8 years of my life and title them.

NOW here they are free (CC) to the world:

You can get this great image viewer up there too, it's called cooliris and is a free plugin for most web browsers. I simply like it for surfing through deviantart / flickr / google or searching for presentation slide inspirations.

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Wir bauen uns ein Sonnenhaus!

We are building a (SOLAR)PASSIVEHOUSE !

Changing our attitude to energy is essential to make successful progress in energy-efficiency.

History and experience tells us that grown-ups need a certain level of suffering for change. In perspective of global energy consumption, this moment of waking up can be already to late.

So were can we really obtain change?

In the education of our children!

I recently bought this book for my girlfriend, who is going to be a primary school teacher. It's written in german and describes very well how to build a passive house:

I just took some photos for you to receive an impression:

You can buy this cool book in german or english from oekonews.at !

Wir bauen uns ein Sonnenhaus
ISBN 978-3-9502338-0-3
Englische Ausgabe: We are building a (SOLAR)PASSIVEHOUSE
ISBN 978-3-9502338-1-0

Autorinnen: Martina Feirer und Alexandra Frankel

A great website for children to understand wind-power has been set up by IG:Windkraft.

If you know any other books or websites to educate our young future, feel free to contact me or write a comment to my blog, thx!
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