Szenario Presentation BMB

Check out the presentation slides used on thursday in Niederkappel! They supported us very well in giving all different people attending an understanding of our ideas.

It worked out perfect => on monday we start with the realization planing!

4mb pdf


There are also ideas now for doing the project documentation as a website. You will find the link first here.

so ... Stay tuned!

Project BMB - Biomass Micronet Bärenloch

... is the interdisciplinary project I joined this semester. It runs beside the study program and is done by a group of students.

To test new ways in online project management, I've set up the project at This simple online platform helps to keep all people in touch and we saved already a lot of organization time.

KISS: Improving the survivability of the region Bärenloch.*
*We plan a heat micronet including the full bandwidth of finance, law and of course as engineers - the technical solution(s).

Next thursday is going to be an important day, we present the possible scenarios for the parties concerned. But we will make our ideas stick.

Stay tuned!

Skills and Photography updated

I extended the categories "my skills" and "my photography". Primary with experiences of my abroad semester and more projects I did.

Comments is online!

This year Wolfgang Hörl achieved his big aim. He races now in the official ski world-cup for Austria and scored already in both of his first two chances. Reaching that was a hard fight!

I'm proud to support him with his brand-new website:

An English google translation can be found here.

Working together with all parties concerned was a great success. The website speaks for itself.
I wish you all the best for the next races!*

*don't forget to update the results and news!

Enjoy my Erasmus semester report!

Time for a flashback to my abroad semester. Took me a lot of time to write this report. It should be worth the great time and unique experiences I had. Enjoy reading it and enhance your life too!

1,1mb pdf (CC)

Back home with 80kg luggage!

Somehow I managed it to fly back home to Austria with 80kg luggage including my bike! This was just possible with the help of Otto, who took me along from Skövde to Göteborg. Tack så mycket!
Now I will celebrate christmas with my relatives and start to work again in january at TiSUN.

It's possible to fly with so much extra luggage without extra costs, thanks to a lot of sports equipment.

One year in Sweden!

Enjoy the Diashow I created for the international dinner with the IC. All four seasons are covered with beautiful pictures and nice songs from Sverige!

Sweden - I love you! from solarthermienator on Vimeo.

Photo contest at

One of my subscriptions for the photo contest at the university. The theme is "Equally Unique".

I already took a lot of great panorama pictures in Sweden, when I find time I will submit them at deviantART!

Unique Panorama Cloudes - by Martin Meingassner

Team Tower speed-climbing contest!

Hej Hej!

Yesterday I won the speed-climbing contest on the Team Tower on top of Billigen. It was a tournament to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Klätterklubb. In the final I climbed against Magnus the trainer of the "Sverige Klätter National Team" and was a little bit faster.

Thanks you all for this great day, especially for the nice dinner in the evening. This was definitely one of my best days in Sweden.

the Team Tower on top of Billigen

Good movies of the climbing have been uploaded by Pippo to YouTube:
my Team Tower time record
and many more!

I also cut another movie of Miquel and me in the Billingen boulder room. Always a great time to meet locals and solve problems together. Enjoy it here.

A real enemy for the RIAA cowards!

The RIAA just won a lawsuit against a randomly chosen privat person, see details on or .

It's just another act of trying to frighten the people. Their tactics are even comprehensible - the only chance for them to get back the past golden days is to react now. After a critical mass of people is used to filesharing, the common sense will make it impossible for them to achieve big changes.

BUT WAIT, I think you've missed that boat already ...

Because the "American Culture of Suing" is like a hollywood movie for an European, I want to see you fighting an equivalent enemy:

The clever RIAA people even provide a form, where I can squeal a friend who helps me everyday - called "Google":

click to see my Google piracy report

You think this is some kind of funny picture manipulation of mine? Would be good, but in fact it's real.

Somehow this form reminds me of an ugly part of german history, but enough.

Now take some minutes and watch this movie: NO COPY
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