A real enemy for the RIAA cowards!

The RIAA just won a lawsuit against a randomly chosen privat person, see details on wired.com or futurezone.ORF.at .

It's just another act of trying to frighten the people. Their tactics are even comprehensible - the only chance for them to get back the past golden days is to react now. After a critical mass of people is used to filesharing, the common sense will make it impossible for them to achieve big changes.

BUT WAIT, I think you've missed that boat already ...

Because the "American Culture of Suing" is like a hollywood movie for an European, I want to see you fighting an equivalent enemy:

The clever RIAA people even provide a form, where I can squeal a friend who helps me everyday - called "Google":

click to see my Google piracy report

You think this is some kind of funny picture manipulation of mine? Would be good, but in fact it's real.

Somehow this form reminds me of an ugly part of german history, but enough.

Now take some minutes and watch this movie: NO COPY

this is oil


Design Notebook Lifter

Introduction to Model Workshop, was a small preliminary course to be allowed to work in the universities design workshop. This is compulsory if you want to attend the „Industrial Design Project“ course. For me the working with the machines was nothing new and the basic instructions were just perfectly short. Then we - I worked together with Delia and Malono from Spain - had to do practical projects. Highly motivated I constructed and manufactured a Design Notebook Lifter for my Macbook Pro.

proud of the construction and finished manufacturing

the Design Notebook Lifter is everyday in ergonomic use

More pictures of the whole project can be found here.

Feel free to copy and develop the design - it's (CC)!

improving my website

I've updated/bugfixed a few categories:
  • vita
  • hacker
  • presentations
  • links
  • blog comments are now possible

This is the time of my life!

I already have a wonderful life in Austria, but the things that happen here in Sweden to me are even better!

This is the first blog of my Erasmus semester in Skövde. I'm in Sweden since the 10th of August and these 2 weeks pushed my life to a new level. The time with the students is so much fun and excitement I never had dreamed of.
Everyday you build up new friendships with a lot of interesting persons. I want to call this atmosphere unique: the candidness and cheerfulness of the people I meet everyday is indescribable!

I go out now to celebrate a Brännboll tournament victory. I will describe details of my adventures later.

for the moment, let the pictures speak for themselves:


solarthermienator.com online

As time goes by in my life, mind, place and style changes.

Now it was time to change my website!

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