Wir bauen uns ein Sonnenhaus!

We are building a (SOLAR)PASSIVEHOUSE !

Changing our attitude to energy is essential to make successful progress in energy-efficiency.

History and experience tells us that grown-ups need a certain level of suffering for change. In perspective of global energy consumption, this moment of waking up can be already to late.

So were can we really obtain change?

In the education of our children!

I recently bought this book for my girlfriend, who is going to be a primary school teacher. It's written in german and describes very well how to build a passive house:

I just took some photos for you to receive an impression:

You can buy this cool book in german or english from oekonews.at !

Wir bauen uns ein Sonnenhaus
ISBN 978-3-9502338-0-3
Englische Ausgabe: We are building a (SOLAR)PASSIVEHOUSE
ISBN 978-3-9502338-1-0

Autorinnen: Martina Feirer und Alexandra Frankel

A great website for children to understand wind-power has been set up by IG:Windkraft.

If you know any other books or websites to educate our young future, feel free to contact me or write a comment to my blog, thx!
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