A real enemy for the RIAA cowards!

The RIAA just won a lawsuit against a randomly chosen privat person, see details on wired.com or futurezone.ORF.at .

It's just another act of trying to frighten the people. Their tactics are even comprehensible - the only chance for them to get back the past golden days is to react now. After a critical mass of people is used to filesharing, the common sense will make it impossible for them to achieve big changes.

BUT WAIT, I think you've missed that boat already ...

Because the "American Culture of Suing" is like a hollywood movie for an European, I want to see you fighting an equivalent enemy:

The clever RIAA people even provide a form, where I can squeal a friend who helps me everyday - called "Google":

click to see my Google piracy report

You think this is some kind of funny picture manipulation of mine? Would be good, but in fact it's real.

Somehow this form reminds me of an ugly part of german history, but enough.

Now take some minutes and watch this movie: NO COPY
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